Over 45 & Getting Younger

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Gary Dougl;as & Dr. Dain Heer

In this  terrific audio, Gary Douglas talks with Dr. Dain Heer about Over 45, being over the hill and on the downhill slide. They recorded this humorous segment on 'Conversations in Consciousness, their weekly radio show with The World Puja Network.

Normally you would have to be a paid member to listen to their show, but Gary asked that this one be made available for' Over 45 & Getting Younger'

Gary's 10 Top Tips to Generate Your Life (after 45)

We all have the potential to live quite a long time, given advances in medical technology.  For most people, however, aging gracefully doesn't come naturally. What if there was a completely different way of viewing things, and a completely different way of operating in this world?

Update! New Video Release

We've just received an amazing 30 minute interview with Gary Douglas that will be coming your way too!

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